Dana Baird has three young adult fantasy novels, published by Alban Lake, a small press out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Spell Keeper series revolves around Cassie, an orphaned college student from Illinois who finds herself in the strange land of Tevious, only to find out that she is not only connected to this world, but may just be it’s savior.


The Spell Keeper

The Spell Keeper

The Spell Keeper

In the land of Tevious, the people are suffering under the occupation of Trevarre, a foppish warlord-sorcerer with an undead army, and his accomplice Rangael, a corrupt High Priest with a lust for power. The Tevians’ only hope is the Spell Keeper, a hero who will come to overthrow the evil regime, reawaken the dormant currents of sorcery, and restore peace to their small country. Frankly, they are surprised when they get Cassie, a fifteen-year-old from Illinois — but not as surprised as she is.

With no way home, Cassie joins a rebellion led by an irreverent wise-woman, a former highwayman, and a healer with an important secret. Cassie must use her wits as well as her newfound powers to challenge Trevarre, discovering in the process that her lineage is somehow linked to the troubled land. She is potentially the most powerful sorceress that has ever lived. Of course, her adversary can turn people inside out with a thought…

Prologue  |  Review by Midwest Book Review

The Spell Keeper is available in print and digital forms.


Veil of Whispers (book two of The Spell Keeper Legends)

Veil Of Whispers

Veil Of Whispers

It is a period of Restoration for the land of Tevious – but the past is not so easily forgotten…

An ominous reading predicts tragedy for the young daughter of the Princess and Prince Consort.

The Spell Keeper and Court Astronomer are trying to make a future for themselves, but cannot shake their memories of the terrible events that brought them together.

In his search for Tevious’s past, a monk takes part in a discovery that could shake the foundations of the scholarly world, and becomes entangled in a tragedy that tests the limits of his faith.

In the city of Burken, there are those still loyal to the former regime that terrorized the country for years. Now, with the city’s two largest celebrations approaching, citizens are disappearing from the streets. There are rumors of a burgeoning cult, intent on the destruction of not only the city, but also the Crown itself.

It all starts with a boat, ablaze on a flooding river…and two apprentices who find a mysterious survivor.

Prologue  |  Review by Midwest Book Review

Veil Of Whispers is available in print and digital forms.


Broken Legacy (book Three of The Spell Keeper Legends)

Broken Legacy

Broken Legacy

In this third novel of the Spell Keeper Legends, we meet Cassie’s niece, Elesia, a spirited teenager who studies sorcery at the Academie Sorcellera and would rather be an adventurer than a proper lady. As adept at wielding two-edged verbal barbs as blades, Elesia is telepathic and blessed— or perhaps cursed— by inheriting the sorcery-enhanced fighting skills that usually fall to sons.

Elesia’s dreams of adventure begin to manifest when she meets Ledia, a council member of the Northern Villages who has been sent to warn King Peterious of an encroaching army in the northwestern mountains that border their country of Tevious. Could Trevarre the Warlord have escaped death to lead his undead Death Warriors against the realm again?

Elesia flees the palace to follow Ledia while King Peterious prepares the realm for war. Cassie confers with family, fellow sorcerers, and her Book of Spells. Will the earth-style weapons be any match against their enemies? Will Ledia and the people of the Northern Villages be able to push back Trevarre’s forces when they call upon the animals to aid them?

And what of Trevarre’s monstrous Death Warrior, General Ashur, who does battle in armor made of flesh and bone?

Keep reading, and you will discover the darkest secret of all. . .



Broken Legacy is available in print and digital forms.