Some sites that I enjoy. (Maybe you will too.)

Art Sites:

International Association of Astronomical Artists –

Dr. Mark A. Garlick – and
In my opinion, one of the best astronomical artists out there.

Astronomy Picture of the Day –
Worth checking out for some fantastic pictures from outer space. The inspirations for many a painting have come from this site.

Minnesota Artists –

Linda Clayton –
A Minnesota artist exploring expressionist and impressionist painting in some exciting new ways.

Writing and Author Sites:

Michael Merriam –
A prolific Minnesota author whose tales range from short stories to novels. His books will take you through rollicking steampunk adventures, edgy urban fantasies, and haunting romances.

Abra Staffin-Weibe –
Minnesota author who specializes in dark fiction.  I highly recommend her steampunk serial-turned-novel, Circus of Brass and Bone

Edward Cox, Storyteller –
He was not only my editor for all three of my Spell Keeper books, he is an excellent author of fantasy novels and a darn good bloke.

Rob Callahan –
Minnesota author, journalist, emcee, spoken word performer, and ironic comedian – this man does almost everything. And he does it well.

Kelly McCullough –
One of the most prolific authors out there, Kelly’s entertaining fantasy and cyber-hacking stories span almost all age ranges.

Steven Brust –
Bestselling Minnesota author of the popular Vlad Taltos series (and many other action-filled books).

Ralan’s Website –
A very handy website for writers, Ralan’s has market information and some very useful links

Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers –
A Minnesota writers group specializing in science fiction, fantasy and horror. A great place to meet fellow local authors and attend some interesting monthly discussions and panels.

Costuming Sites:

American Duchess – and
I discovered this incredible site while researching 18th century costumes for my “Revolutionary Super Friends” project. The first link is their store where you can find historical reproduction footwear from a variety of time periods. The second link is their blog, filled with tutorials and other amazing resources for anyone interested in historical costuming.

Frock Flicks –
An entertaining look at costuming in period movies through the lens of historical accuracy. They might get snarky at times, but it is always clever and informative!

Costuming Diary, Artemisia Moltabocca –
A talented costumer whose site not only offers a look at her amazing creations, but also tutorials (for everything from wigs to setting up a sewing space) and links to some useful costume resources.

Other Fun Sites:

David Byrne –
For those of you who are Talking Heads fans, this name will be familiar to you. Regardless, Mr. Byrne’s artwork, music, and online journal are worth checking out – he is one of the most intelligent and creative people I have ever idolized.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival –
The place where I spend seven weekends of my year playing a jester on stilts named Tallia the Foolish.

The Court Revelers –
A wonderful group I used to sing with out at the Renaissance Festival. They can go from lovely madrigals to raucous bar songs with ease!