Online “Radio Silence”

I realize that I’ve been neglecting my website for quite a while now. It’s not that I’ve been lazy (OK – maybe I’ve been kind of lazy about this site), but my neglect is also because I’ve been creating – a lot – in the field of both art and costumes. In 2014 I reworked a painting from my college days (in landscapes: First Breath, Dawn), and I completed three more paintings. However, the rest was all about the costumes: A while back, the muses threw an idea at me that I decided would be fun for CONvergence’s Masquerade in 2015. The past couple years (off and on) has been devoted to making it a reality. Once it’s complete, I will have made 9 (out of 12 total) costumes roughly based on the 18th century. I’ve been documenting the process. At some point, I’m hoping to add a costuming page to this site so I can share some “how-tos.”

More to come…

Welcome to the New and Improved website!


Hello, and welcome! This is the site for Dana Baird, St. Paul-based artist and author. Dana is an admired visual artist specializing in starscapes, landscapes, and abstract art. Her work explores the fascinating world of color. Check out the artwork section to see her work.

Dana is also the author of The Spell Keeper Legends, a young-adult fantasy trilogy. Information can be found in the writing section.

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