CONvergence is here!

On this eve of CONvergence, I’m doing a couple of little last-minute costuming bits to play dress-up with some pals on Saturday.  I’ll also be on some interesting panels, holding a reading, and sitting at the autograph tables. Here’s my schedule:

Magic Realism a la China Mieville (Thurs. 12:30PM with J Boone Dryden, EP Beaumont) A discussion of contemporary storytelling using elements of magic realism. How do you write everyday magic and still keep it magical?

War for the Oaks’ Influence on Urban Fantasy (Friday 2:00PM with Elizabeth Bear, David Lenander, Scott Lynch) How has Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks influenced the Urban Fantasy genre?

Reading in the Literary Lounge – suite 2201 (Friday 3:30PM)

Signing at the autograph tables, second floor (Friday 5:00PM with Kelly McCullough)

Once Upon a Story: Exploring Fairy Tales in Popular Culture (Saturday. 11:00AM with Christine Norris, Emma Bull, Roy T Cook, Martha Wells) What do NBC’s Grimm, Willingham’s “Fables” and Disney have in common? They all propel fantastical stories of antiquity into modern times. Explore where we’ve come from and where we’re going in myth, fairytale, and folklore.

Strong Female Characters – It’s a Trap! (Saturday. 12:30PM with Elizabeth Bear, Lynne M. Thomas, Scott Lynch, Will Shetterly) Different people have different ideas for what a strong female character should be. As a writer, how do you navigate those expectations? How do you create a strong female character without pointing out that she’s “strong” and “female” – she just is?

Signing at the autograph tables, second floor (Sunday, 3:30PM all by my lonesome)

The full convention schedule is found here.

4th Street Fantasy – Schedule

A week from tomorrow the 4th Street Fantasy Conversation starts!  It’s one of my favorite conventions of the year, with a single track of programming that results in high-level panels and ongoing discussions about writing.  This year, I’ll be on two panels:

Gesticulation, Body Language, and Communication – 4:00pm Friday

Gesture, posture, and expression can convey as much meaning and cultural difference as the spoken word. When we read about gesture, what do we like, what do we see too much of, and what’s physiologically impossible? What are some examples of gestures or expressions that are dense with meaning but can be challenging to describe?  Theresa Mecklenborg (Moderating), Dana Baird, Scott Lynch, Elise Matthesen, Jon Singer

History as Trade Secret – 2:00pm Saturday

Fantasy has a long tradition of borrowing (and outright stealing) the best bits from history and remixing them to taste. Sometimes historicity is just an aesthetic gloss, but sometimes it serves as the foundation for rich, detailed, and complex works. What makes us admire an author bending history to their ends, and which excesses snap our suspension of disbelief? Tim Cooper (Moderating), Alec Austin, Dana Baird, Ann Chatham, Michael Merriam

I’m looking forward to seeing what will come out of these and all the other intriguing topics this year.